USSOCOM Offering Prize For Algorithm for Real-Time Parallax Correction Challenge

The Seeker is developing a multi-spectral visual system; however, fusing the inputs of offset optical sources results in parallax – a perceived change in the position of an object due to the offset positions of the optical sensors. This Challenge seeks a system and/or algorithm that provides near real-time parallax correction for multiple, offset optical sources.

This is a Reduction-to-Practice Challenge in two phases that requires a written proposal and algorithm (Phase I) and experimental proof (Phase II).

Parallax is the visual displacement of objects when viewed from a different location. An easy example is to view your outstretched thumb with your left eye only and look at an object in the background. When you switch views to your right eye, your thumb and the object move in relation to each other. Objects closer to your eye move more than objects further away. The movement depends on the distance from the viewer which is why parallax is used to measure the distance of objects in space.

Right Eye View

Left Eye View

Challenge Structure.
Begin Date: 27 Jan 16
Submission Close Date: 29 Feb 16
Phase I winners will be announced approximately 2 weeks later, and invited to participate in Phase II
Phase II will be a live demonstration of the solvers solutions.

Prize Structure.
$50,000 in total prize awards is available.
Phase I winners are eligible for up to $15,000
Phase II winners are eligible for up to an additional $35,000

Contracting Office Address:
7701 Tampa Point Boulevard
MacDill AFB, Florida 33621
United States