Prometheus Design Werx Invictus™ MIL-LE Edition : Review

I have been carrying and using the Prometheus Design Werx Invictus™ MIL-LE Edition for a couple weeks now and has quickly become one of my favorite carry knives.  No because it’s a switchblade, but because this is a very solid switchblade and can handle whatever task is throw at it.

Opening the Invictus™ is amazing.  The solid feel and the snap it creates.

The blade is very easy to deploy and comes in at 3.5″ length 154-CM at 59RC.  The pocket clip is set to allow for a very deep carry shown below.


The first production release of the Invictus™ MIL-LE Edition were limited to 100 serialized pieces but expect more to be released in the future as a standard release.  If you get the chance to handle one do it.  I believe you will be convinced that this needs to be a part of a good knife collection.

More information about the Invictus™ MIL-LE Edition can be found on the Prometheus Design Werx website LOCATED HERE.